Monday, September 6, 2010


Happy Labor Day, everyone! It's hard to believe (and a little sad) that Summer's already over, but luckily I've got some fantastic memories to keep me warm on those cold(ish) Winter nights. For example? I worked EE's booth at the ABC/Disney Official LOST Auction a few weeks ago!

The show took place at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica on August 21 & 22, and Entertainment Earth was asked to exhibit as one of only 3 total vendors. So we packed up our bobble heads and action figures, and set up shop in one of the most impressive events I've had the pleasure of working. Huge set pieces. Photo opportunities. Costume displays. And - of course - every prop they basically ever used on the show in its six seasons.

Naturally some of these items were sold for truly alarming/disturbing prices, but I was happy just to be able to be a part of history, as it were. Please to enjoy a photo sampling of some of my highlights from the show. Click to make 'em bigger!

Jughead (the bomb) from the end of season 5.

Locke's game, Jacob/MIB's game, knives and DHARMA Whisky.

I don't remember ever seeing these onscreen, but here are some DHARMA cleaning supplies.

The photo of Desmond and Penny, which I tear up just looking at. Blah blah Nadia stuff blah blah.
Inset: Penny's letter to Desmond. Heartbreaking/heartwarming all at once.

The DHARMA computer from "The Hatch"! I was allowed to sit next to it, but not touch it.
Inset: The sign from the door of brainwashing headquarters, Room 23. Sorry, Karl.

The chicken costume from Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack (owned by Hurley).
Inset: Some of Charlie's precious heroin Virgin Mary statues!

Sigh. My beloved Nikki & Paulo...aka the most hated characters of the series. They were awful, and I grinned like a fool whenever they were on screen. Some props from Nikki's show Exposé and the nesting dolls with the diamonds that would be their undoing.

I also got to meet a couple of cast members from the show...obviously it wasn't Nestor Carbonell or Henry Ian Cusick, because I'm still here typing this and not in prison for attempted kidnapping. But check it out - Young Ben Linus (Sterling Beaumon) and Dr. Arzt (Daniel Roebuck)!

The Grilled Cheese Truck (Mmmmmmm) was also in attendance, with their special "Namaste Melt" made especially for the event.

And Lake Street Creamery for dessert! Their ice cream special was a flavor called "Dharma Bum".

Me and The Hatch! I'm looking for Desmond, obvi.

It was incredibly difficult to pick favorites from the 100+ photos I took while there, but I consider these to be my own personal 'best of the best'. As a huge fan of the series, it was a bittersweet event...but I felt privileged to be involved and say goodbye to LOST after six seasons.

And yes, I loved the finale. Deal with it.

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Lolo Nelson said...

I loved the finale too. And the Lost Auction. And yesterday was Michael Emerson's birthday - FYI.