Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Things You Probably Never Noticed
While Watching
The Rocketeer:
A Photo Essay

I saw a screening of The Rocketeer on Monday night at the ArcLight Hollywood. After over a decade, this movie not only holds up - I'm pretty sure it got better. Hope you enjoy some of these bizarre, wonderful moments my strange mind picked up on. Click to make 'em bigger!

Howard Hughes was designing rocket packs for the 1939 New York World's Fair! It didn't go so well, obvi. Fiery foreshadowing, FTW!

Remember when this was what you thought a nightclub in Los Angeles was going to be like? And then you ended up at Tiger Heat?

Hey, what a second...isn't that...

Why yes, it absolutely is Jan Levinson from
The Office! Welcome to The Rocketeer, Melora Hardin. It's a pleasure to have you with us.

Extra Credit: Jenny's mouthy roommate is played by Angela's English teacher in the pilot of
My So-Called Life. Ms. Mayhew! Sorry you got written out when MSCL went to series.

In case you had forgotten amidst their yelling about the Valley every 10 minutes, WE'RE IN HOLLYWOOD, BITCHES!

Sweet backlot-y goodness.

That mermaid in the wall tank is quite literally
pounding on the glass, because she fears for her life - what with everyone running and screaming out of the South Seas Club. And no one is helping her. This poor girl died that night. In the story, I mean. But does that make it better?!

So you've just been kidnapped by the #3 box office star in the world, and he offers you some nighties to try on. Can you spot Jenny's mistake? She's failed to notice that half of Neville Sinclair's closet is filled with
women's clothing. And he's not married. Which just makes it creepy, any way you slice it.

I've been calling it the GrifObs(v) for years!

THE FUCK? Oh right, it's just a Disney-animated propaganda short about the Nazis taking over the world, with the help of rocket packs. No big deal.

I just can't imagine why this film wasn't a huge success.

I like to call this screen cap "Zeppelins Over the Observatory".

Hooray, The Rocketeer has arrived to defend America!

Holy shit! He just set that American flag on fire!

Fun fact: It was actually the flaming metal and flesh ball of Neville Sinclair that turned us into just plain old "Hollywood". History rules!

And just as we began, let's end with something totally fucking on fire. In this case, a German airship...which is exploding into huge molten pieces that will kill hundreds below.

But take that, Nazis - you just got Rocketeer'd!


Kevin said...

LMAO! Awesome!!

Bananas Foster said...

AMAZING! That Mermaid pounding on the glass gave me nightmares as a child!