Monday, August 2, 2010


Disposable Culture came to me the other day with a mash-up so enormous, it truly is of monstrous proportions. Yet at the same time, it all fits together very organically. Naturally, I insisted on sharing!

"Califrankenstein" contains elements from SEVEN different songs. Some of pop standards, some are from film scores...but when merged together, they create one incredible track. It's all set to a certain song about females from California you may have heard on the radio lately. Have a listen!

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Disposable Culture also did us one better, and synced it up amazingly to the music video for the aforementioned song about gals from the Golden State. It transforms it into a dark, almost fever dream of a video...and one that almost makes sense now!

For the complete listing of songs contained therein, click on the link below the video to be taken to the Vimeo page.

Califrankenstein from V'ger on Vimeo.

Here's hoping this epic mash-up helps get your week off to a great start!

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