Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Though he has only been a part of my life for but a precious few TV seasons, Alexander Skarsgård has made quite an impression. I mean, if you've been watching the gayest season of True Blood ever, then you definitely know that when it comes to one does it better than a tall, toned viking.

He turns deliciously 34 today, so let's take a trip down (the admittedly short) memory lane!

Even with that ridiculous season one hair, Eric Northman became the primary reason to tune into True Blood when it was first getting started. Don't you just want to brush those golden locks for him?

Need another reason to love Lady Gaga? Her video/short film for "Paparazzi" featured a silver eye-patched ASkars in the lead male role. Sure, it doesn't end well for him...but look at that eye patch! Only he could make that sexy.

And here's the birthday boy, in his signature black tank top. Grab that branch! GRAB IT HARD.

What's that? You want to see Alexander Skarsgård showering, set (for some reason) to a ridiculous dance abortion cover of "California Dreamin'"? Well, the internet is happy to oblige:

Lots of birthday love, ASkars! When you blow out your candles this evening, make sure you thank Alan Ball for being such a twisted fuck. Your career is all the more better for it.

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