Friday, July 9, 2010


Lessons Learned:
Jurassic Park at the ArcLight Edition

I kept the July 4th long weekend party going this past Tuesday night, when I attended a special screening of Jurassic Park at the ArcLight! I was overwhelmingly excited, let me tell you. I saw this movie 4 times in theaters during its original release, and my DVD copy might actually be getting worn out (Blu-ray, please?). I was not disappointed!

1. The T-Rex scene with the jeeps is still one of the most terrifying moments in cinema history. I had chills.

2. Ain't no one ugly screams like Laura Dern.

3. When in doubt, shoooooooot herrrrrrrrrr!

4. It's okay not to like kids - but if you ever almost get eaten by dinosaurs, you'll become fast friends with whatever youths are hanging around.

5. Stan Winston was a god among insects.

6. The nefarious Dodgson was a total 1993 crush for me.

7. Locking mechanisms on vehicle doors on a DINOSAUR tour should never be an afterthought.

8. Samuel L. Jackson used to be an awesome supporting actor.

9. Jeff Goldblum was kinda hot, laying on that table with his shirt open like a Playgirl centerfold.

10. Despite there being a treasure trove of continuity errors and production goofs - this movie is perfect in every way.

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...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

1.) Not sure how I feel about connecting a Lady Gag-Me song to Jurassic Park, but let's stampede past that...

2.) Totes had a Dodgson crush too!

3.) Also worth noting - upon my theater viewing last summer - I love that in one of the only movies where CGI actually looks 100% convincing, they STILL have a traditionally animated sequence stuffed in. <3

4.) Perfect in every way.