Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Comic-Con season is officially over for 2010! It all feels like it just began, but San Diego is now just a vivid memory. This was by far my best Con with Entertainment Earth yet, and I'm thrilled to share some of the comings and goings from my fifth and favorite San Diego Comic-Con International!

The Evolution of Booth #2343:
We built on the concept from 2009, focusing on celebrity appearances on the right side of the booth. And you can't really see the menu, but we were selling 33 items at the show. 17 were exclusives!

We had 9 special appearances at the booth for 2010, and each proved to be more wonderful than I could have possibly imagined. From Thursday through Sunday, here's me with "the talent":

Seth Green & Matt Senreich, Co-Creators of Robot Chicken
These guys are hilarious. I'd met Seth last year, but not Matt - one of the nicest people ever!

Alessandra Torresani, "Zoe Graystone" on Caprica
She's sassy, sexy and a Cylon! I totes see where Six got it from. Kinda in love with her!

Todd McFarlane, Creator of Spawn and Comic Book/Action Figure legend
This guy gets cooler every year. And I think it's awesome that his teenage daughter travels around the convention circuit with him. No ordinary family!

Rob Dyrdek, Creator of Wild Grinders
A man of few words and many gestures, Rob was very kind in staying overtime to make sure he met everyone that lined up. Good people.

Bob Harris, author of "Beyond Caprica"
Jane Espenson, Co-Executive Producer of
Caprica, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer...etc!
Bob was so friendly and enthusiastic, and he's also written an incredible "travelogue"-style book about the 12 Colonies (BSG!). Meeting Jane properly was definitely a personal highlight of the show for me. I've been such a huge fan of her work for so long, and she was amazing to work with. And by that I mean, "sit and talk to for a while". I met one of my heroes this year!

Lara Parker, "Angelique" on Dark Shadows
The face that started thousands of nerdboy crushes in the late 60s, it was an honor to meet such a genre legend. Especially from a show like Dark Shadows, which has such an enormous following!

Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer, Co-Creators of The Venture Bros.
The minds behind the (inspired) madness, these fellows take quirky to a whole new level - and that's a big compliment, believe me. They were so thoroughly engaged with their fans, and it was a beautiful thing.

And no Con recap would be complete without a different perspective. I give you - the show floor:

Just a couple of Phoenixes...Dark and Original Recipe, of course. Also: W-O-W.

My favorite costumes for 2010. Viva la Mario Bros!

I had a full-on nerdgasm when I saw this. The hypersleep pods from Alien! I want to work for Weyland-Yutani soooooo badly.

Batgirl & Phoenix, together at last! This is anime I can sign off on.

Hasbro Hoth! Look at this display. I love toys.


Also up there (but not as close as a Muppet..sorry): the Old Spice Guy! Make sure you address him properly, though. "It's Isaiah".

Chillin' at the Hall of Asgard. Bein' Thor-like.

And finally, some shots from the show floor during teardown:

LEGO C-3PO & R2-D2, and the best Who Famed Roger Rabbit? reference in San Diego.

The only thing Voldemort hates more than Harry Potter...plaaaaastiiiiiic wrap! Also: Hi Bumblebee!

It's always hard to say goodbye to the convention center...but it helps knowing I'll be back again sooner than I think. See you in 2011, Comic-Con!


Kevin said...

Hi Ho! This is Kermit's friend Kevin! Thanks for posting the picture! I really like your blog! Keep up the great work and I will look for you at SDCC next year. I'll also be at LBCC! Cheers!

Kevin (and Kermit)

Rob said...

I'm totally jealous of all of your sightings. Old Spice Guy was at the bar last night! He used to play in our dodgeball league apparently. :)

Anonymous said...

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