Friday, June 11, 2010


Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to an end of the week edition of Mix-N-Mash Mondays. The reason? Well, this weekend is LA Pride - and that's as good enough a reason to celebrate as any!

This year celebrates the 40th anniversary of LA Pride / Christopher Street West. To commemorate the occasion, Disposable Culture has put together something very special. The track features original music by DC himself, accompanied by a speech from famed playwright, author, public health advocate and LGBT rights activist Larry Kramer. It's beautiful, and sincerely quite moving. A great way to celebrate Pride - by looking back at how far we've come:

In Honor of Stonewall (featuring Larry Kramer)
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I'll be out and about West Hollywood throughout the weekend to partake in the festivities - which of course include the parade and the festival on Sunday. Beyond that? It's all parties, sun and fun for me. Oh, and En Vogue. Don't forget about En Vogue!

Happy Pride, y'all. Be safe and have as much fun as your body can handle without shutting down on you.

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