Thursday, June 17, 2010


Le sigh. These two are at it again.

When we last left
Glee's Cory Monteith and 90210's Trevor Donovan, they were caught tweeting together (it's a PUN, get it?). But now it seems they're really trying to overload my fragile but dirty mind by posing for yet another photo shoot, allegedly for OP clothing.

Looks more like a quiet night at home with my favorite fake couple, if you ask me. They've got popcorn, Twizzlers (note that I didn't say Red Vines - the East Coast has to win somewhere) and even some pizza as well. They're totally ready for the latest romantic comedy on their joint Netflix queue. It's like that episode of Sex and the City where H&G magazine comes to photograph Charlotte and Trey, since they're "the perfect couple".

Trevor and Cory (TrevCor?) are clearly at ease with each other. Shouldn't they both be on the couch? Better yet, both in the chair? Or best yet - not wearing so much damn OP clothing?

All in good time, I suppose.


... said...

i think it should be CorVor instead of TrevCor

Anonymous said...

TrevCor love it. Although I would like Trevor Donovan solo for 1 night :-)

Bananas Foster said...

this is too much! I mean honestly! they aren't even on the same network. the only thing they have in common is a) hawtness and b) being too old to play 16! Can we send them to Iowa to get married already?!