Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Despite the rain starting to fall here in LA, it seems the Hollywood clouds have parted momentarily to bring us (me) a little gift from the network-crossing gods: Cory Monteith and Trevor Donovan, together and tweeting at last.

That's right, folks - it's a FOX and CW team-up of faux-teenage proportions! Or I guess it's technically a showdown, since their shows both air on Tuesday nights.

Mr. Donovan plays Teddy Montgomery, the super-rich-tennis-playing-son-of-a-movie-star on 90210. While this update of the 90s cheddar fest struggled in its first season, my beloved BevNiner has been glamorously trashtastic since: a) they hired a new show runner, and b) they introduced Teddy in the season 2 premiere. Yes, he's 31. Yes, he's playing a senior in high school. Stop complaining and see above.

Mr. Monteith of course plays Finn Hudson, the dumb-as-a-post-but-boy-can-he-almost-sing jock member of New Directions on Glee. While they may not be giving his character very much range - after last week I'm convinced they've made him even more of a dolt - I can't say that I much mind looking at him. And it's pretty adorable watching him try to pull off all that choreography.

Glee is airing their all-Madge spectacular, "The Power of Madonna" tonight at 9pm on FOX. 90210 is wisely pre-empting their new episode 'til next week at 8pm on The CW, so the gays can work out their Material Girl frenzy.

My BevNiner husband posted the photo of the dynamic duo to his Twitter account with no explanation earlier today, so you can pretty much feel free to write your own fan fiction!

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Bananas Foster said...

one of the joys of Glee is watching Corey Monteith attempt to dance. Which...to Corey equals moving his shoulders like Olive Oyl while his dead eyes convey what's going on his mind: 5-6-7-8-9...ooops...ummm...what do i do now? umm...i'll just move my shoulders and look at Lea."