Monday, April 5, 2010


Every now and then something pops up on my blog that you wouldn't necessarily expect. This is one of those instances. For this week's Mix-N-Mash Monday track, Disposable Culture is definitely taking full advantage of my varied and eclectic musical tastes. Snoop Dogg in the hizzy!

The D-O-Double-G recently released a new single called "That Tree", with the 'featuring' stylings of Kid Cudi (who incidentally is everywhere right now). I apologize for the N-bomb dropped within, but keep in mind that this is Snoop we're talking about. So...grain of salt:

That Tree (Disposable Culture Remix)
Snoop Dogg featuring Kid Cudi

Editor's Note: This track has been removed by order of Snoop Dogg's people. Maybe he isn't as fun-loving as I thought! Sorry, gang.

I feel like mentioning the fact that I actually really like Snoop Dogg. Unlike a lot of artists nowadays, he seems to have a sense of humor. And while not all his music is for me, he always seems to be having a genuinely good time. See the header image above, re: blog mission statement. Let the good times roll/blaze, Snoop!

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