Thursday, April 22, 2010


PETA is an organization that I usually dislike. I'm all for the fair treatment of animals (most of them are super cute!), but I also really like to eat them. Sorry.

However the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are really trying to make me warm up to them with their newest ad, featuring the scowly one and only Bea Arthur. It seems that the forever-and-always Dorothy Zbornak left PETA a big lump of cash in her will, to carry on their militant but good-intentioned work after her death. I'm all for celebrities with foresight.

Also, can't you just imagine the ghost of Bea haunting the owners of chicken farms? Growling in shoulder pads, giving them that exact look seen in the above ad? I can. And I wouldn't want to be the peeps she decides to terrorize from the great beyond.

And since there's a Golden Girls clip for every occasion, enjoy this musical chicken-centric scene from the "Long Day's Journey Into Marinara" episode:

I guess
PETA isn't completely evil, though. After all, they did give us Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Galactica the way he should pretty much always be seen:

That's all I got for Earth Day today. Bea Arthur, Chickens, and Jamie Bamber. Oh, and I brought my resuable bag with me to CVS. Green living, bitches!

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