Sunday, March 21, 2010


Last night I decided on a whim to drive up to the Griffith Observatory. It's truly one of my favorite places on the planet, and always a great place to clear my head/collect my thoughts/plan my next bold move.

Last night was their monthly Star Party (where you can hang out with astronomers), which is held with the assistance of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society. Basically it's a bunch of people with fancy telescopes, and they'll talk to you about space as much as you want. Love.

In the midst of all my communing with the stars, I missed the last planetarium show for the evening, but I didn't mind. The GriffObs is kinda like my superhero headquarters. My 'Fortress of Solitude', if you will. Even when there are hundreds of people there - like last night - I still feel like I'm on my own, letting my batteries re-charge.

I took a handful of photos in between my space nerd conversations with the volunteer staff, so I figured I'd share them for those who don't have the luxury of driving 20 minutes to such a magical place. Click to make 'em bigger:

The Tesla Coil, product of the brilliant work of David Bowie (kidding).

The ceiling mural from which the pendulum swings.

Photos of the pendulum in action. I decided grayscale would be neat for these.

Down in the amazing and cavernous Gunther Depths of Space area.

One of the mini exhibits in the 'Hall of Questions'.

A grayscaled pic of the main dome, from the outdoor level of the East wing.

A marvelous view of the City of Angels.

If you've never been to the Griffith Observatory - what the devil are you waiting for? Admission is free (save for the planetarium show, which is under $10), and they're open Tuesday through Friday from 12pm-10pm and Saturday & Sunday from 10am-10pm. All the other deets can be found here. Get out there and explore your universe, without having to eat astronaut food!

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