Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last weekend I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon at my local Starbucks, enjoying several iced teas, writing, and completing the 2010 Census (I can't believe I procrastinated like I did for a form that took me about 15 seconds to finish).

Before I continue, I have to note that this was the first time I actually sat at a coffee shop by myself and did something. There's obviously a stigma attached to people that sit there with their laptops (it's called "pretention") but I'll admit that I totally see the appeal.

But I digress. As I was waiting on a refill, this notice caught my eye on the community bulletin board. I was initially drawn to the words "ART FAIR", but upon further inspection noticed the teeny tiny letters to the left of it, which spell "EROTIC". Fine, so maybe the imagery below it should have tipped me off, but whatever. This is West Hollywood.

It got me thinking about all the different events that I've attended (or stumbled into) at West Hollywood Park, and how it really can be whatever the city needs it to be. Here are just a few situations I've found myself in...asterisks indicate that I may have been under the influence:
  • LA Pride *
  • Pet Adoption Fair
  • Russian Culture Festival *
  • Prop 8 / Marriage Equality Rally
  • Children's Book Fair *
What can I say? The park is right next to the bars. And it's nice to do something outdoorsy!

If nothing else, no one can ever accuse West Hollywood of lacking in variety. My hat is off to the city for making sure there's never a shortage of park adventures for its citizens and visitors to partake in - especially with the aforementioned drinking establishments just a few feet away. See you at the Tom of Finland Foundation Erotic Art Show!

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d|cash said...

haha! It really is a VERSatile place isn't it? What else should we expect from a city of GIVERS... haha oh the PUNS!