Monday, February 22, 2010


My apologies that the last Mix-N-Mash Monday of February is coming to you so late in the day, but I figure there's always got to be someone, somewhere in need of a little musical fun. Oh, and I was uber-lazy yesterday and didn't prep it beforehand.

We're breaking from the pattern this week, and you'll be getting another mash-up instead of a remix. The reason? I'm so frakking in love with this track that I didn't feel like following my own rules. So below, you'll find Mary J. Blige going head to head with British rapper Example...and I think it's safe to say that the winner is ultimately the listener:

I Am Watching
(I Am + Watch the Sun Come Up)
Mary J. Blige vs. Example
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Disposable Culture has also requested that I include the video for half of the source, Example's "Watch the Sun Come Up". He hasn't quite made the jump across the pond to our shores yet, but if this video is any indication - well, we'd be lucky to have him:

Happy Monday, everyone. Extremities crossed for a good week!

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