Thursday, February 18, 2010


Seriously. I'm glad someone finally got around to spreading this kind of joy across the internet! Wait, you're confused? It's Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza. Don't over-analyze!

This blog requires absolutely no critical thinking whatsoever, and I'm enamored of it. In fact, I'd put money on this being created by a gay stoner. It's a glorious, wonderful thing. People probably said it couldn't be done, but this intrepid blogger's really shown them!

I mean, how could one (anyone?) go wrong with The Golden Girls' Bea Arthur, stunning mountain vistas, and the added benefit of delicious pizza?

The answer is that it's mathematically impossible for anything to ever go wrong when these three things are case you were wondering.

They're just getting started, but Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza is definitely one to watch! I've already added it to my Google Reader - won't you do the same?