Saturday, February 6, 2010


After a dreadful 8-month absence, Lost returned with much fanfare on Tuesday night with a 2-hour premiere. As expected, we were treated to a new timeline in which Oceanic Flight 815 never crashed - as well as a pretty miserable timeline where Juliet's wailing sacrifice was all for not.

I'm not going to be recapping (go here and here for that). What I will be doing is presenting you with the 3 most exciting parts of "LA X":




Tuesday night was also big for me, by way of my employer. Entertainment Earth's Lost bobble heads were featured in their own segment at the beginning of Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a green-screened jungle and their own interpretation of Smokey. Check it out here:

And finally - because I really can't do so enough - let's see and talk more about Richard Alpert. Did you forget what he looks like? Allow me to assist you:

In a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious interview with the MTV Movie Blog, the man behind the [insert any impressive physical feature here], Nestor Carbonell, spoke about the possibility of portraying Khan in the Star Trek sequel. And then he said this:

"Listen, all modesty aside, I'm pretty shredded right now. Richard may not get to flex his muscles, but he's not averse to taking off his shirt. Should it happen, the fans will know."

And then I got dizzy and had to take several cold showers.

Well, that should do it for now. I'm off to go pretend that Faux-Locke is carrying off Richard Alpert with the intent to bring him to my apartment. Have a great weekend!

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