Saturday, December 5, 2009


Few things in this world make me happier than coming across new music. And thanks to one of my favorite bands, The Dandy Warhols, I recently discovered a handsome fellow named Logan Lynn. I don't think I've listened to an album on repeat for a while (previous records include Air's Talkie Walkie and Beck's Guero), and this one definitely fits the bill. Since it's difficult to place Lynn in any one musical genre, I'll give you my interpretation: It's ElectroFolk you can dance to.

Signed to the DW's Beat The World Records, fellow homogay Logan Lynn released his album From Pillar To Post digitally in September and officially in November. Lynn's third studio album evokes the sound and feeling of his native Portland, creating a moody-pop masterpiece that hits all the sweet spots. Effortlessly melodic vocals are supported and enhanced with keyboards, synthesizers, and haunting-yet-comforting ambient sounds. It's especially evident on the stellar tracks, "Feed Me To The Wolves" and "Bottom Your Way To The Top". Here's the video for the latter, for your viewing pleasure:

Ready for more? From Pillar To Post is now available on iTunes, as well as at Logan Lynn's website (where download packages also include 2 Remix EPs for a very reasonable price...hint, hint). You can also get friendly on Facebook, Twitter, and Dlist (hehe).

In a year of so much good music, I'm happy to go on record in saying that Lynn's first release for Beat The World is a transcendent, electronic dream - and one of the best albums of 2009.

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