Thursday, December 3, 2009


Say what you will about President Obama's recent political decisions - it doesn't change the fact that his better half is still one sassy, stylin' First Lady. Now Jailbreak Toys is celebrating this American truth by bestowing her with their highest honor: The Michelle Obama Action Figure. Here's what Jailbreak had to say:
"Just like her namesake, the Michelle Obama Action Figure isn't simply a female counterpart to Barack. She's her own lady with her own attitude. The focus here is on style and grace, mixed with strength, smarts and a healthy dose of fashion. The figure is easily modified so we can keep up with her latest look."

This was one of the most ridiculous/exciting things to make its way into my work inbox today, I won't lie. THREE DIFFERENT OUTFITS, PEOPLE.

Election Night (top left), Democratic Nomination Acceptance (top center) or "Surviving the crazy bitches of The View" (top right). No matter which you choose, your life is gonna get a lot more glamorous with a plastic Michelle by your side. Get 'em at the links above...then go forth and create your own wacky, fist-bumping First Lady adventures!

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