Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Lessons Learned:
Gay Days @ Disneyland Edition

1. Apparently this event is actually a form of peaceful political protest. Yeah...I don't really get it, either.

2. You're always going to see people you know, people you *know*, and people you're still trying to remember (or forget) in the first place.

3. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is no place for children.

4. Elder 'bears' take great offense to the name of the land being changed to 'Critter Country'.

5. Before groping a costumed character, take a moment to consider that it might actually be a woman in there.

6. The longest line in the entire Disneyland Resort is to be seated at the Cove Bar at Disney's California Adventure.

7. There are other options for getting drunk aside from the Cove Bar.

8. Plan your seating arrangements ahead of time. You're going to get felt up on The Haunted Mansion, so make sure it's with someone you'd like to get felt up by.

9. You can't run away from trouble...ain't no place that far.

10. The Muppets' Gonzo and Camilla have been breaking boundaries for marriage equality for decades.

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