Thursday, June 18, 2009


Let's face it - adversity happens. You can make lemonade out of life's lemons until Judgment Day, but every now and then you just need something...more. During these times, I turn to music rather than medication (sorta). Music is a powerful entity, and sometimes it can really work wonders. And yeah, it also beats a psychiatrist when it comes to cost. Lately there are three songs that have really been able to help me find some of my missing optimism. And now I'd like to share them with you, dear readers!

"Like a Spoke on a Wheel"
by The Little Ones
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Music Supervisor Alexandra Patsavas definitely knows what she's doing (she's responsible for the music in Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy and The O.C.). During a GG-themed iTunes binge not too long ago, I came across this track and loved it immediately. The title and the chorus really say it all. Sometimes you're on top, sometimes you're not...but the wheel keeps turning, and you'll be back there again.

"Hot Air Balloon"
by Owl City
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During another iTunes binge (this one had no theme...even more dangerous), this track was actually recommended to me by the Apple robots. I'd never heard of Owl City, but this song hooked me for sure. The lyrics are magical, and tell a sweet little story. "We wrote the prelude to our own fairy tale / and bought a parachute at a church rummage sale / and with a mean sewing machine and miles of thread / we paint the day above LA in navy and red"

"Say Hey (I Love You)"
by Michael Franti and Spearhead
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Last but certainly not least, I heard this song during the Weeds season 5 premiere. Playing behind an incredible flashmob scene (see below), it summed up a lot that was happening in the show. But even without the dance sequence, it makes me infinitely happy. Because that's what the song is all about - unadulterated, undilluted Summer happiness!

I hope you're able to give these songs a listen, and maybe they'll even leave you in a better mood than when you started. I know it's always the case for me. Enjoy!

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