Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just to get it out of the way right now - White Party was a BLAST. Having the house stay at made all the difference in the world, and it definitely helped to have a pool and jacuzzi as well. Most afternoons were spent laying out, tanning and ready ourselves for the rest of the day/evening. The parties themselves were crazy fun and out of control - better than I ever could have even imagined! This photo recap focus mostly on the goings on at the house, because we were honestly too busy at the parties to even think about taking photos. Time. Of. My. Life.

Eric, Dustin (looking wheelchair-bound) and Me. Eric, Kenny and Me cracking up at something that was no doubt hilarious!

Parker, Kenny, Eric, Josh, Me, and Dustin - the best costumes for the day! The Saturday Pool Party was packed with tons of people...not swimming.

The Saturday Pool Party (DJ'd by the one and only Perry Twins) also featured some exotic wildlife. A diva is a female version of hustla!

Ah, poolside with Me, Josh, Jesse and Kenny. Thanks to the beautiful Palm Springs weather - and Hawaiian Tropic - we were all able to get a wonderful tan!

Me, fetching more beers and using one of our GayMartUSA bags as a carrier. Mother (Ron) is always watching!

The actual White Party on Saturday night, at the Palm Springs Convention Center. No gay event would be complete without scantily clad aerial performers. And Lady GaGa put on QUITE the show, tailor-made exclusively for her homos!

Sunday T-Dance at White Party Park. I was too drunk to ride the rides, but just drunk enough to imagine for a moment that I was on the Lost island, thanks to the gorgeous mountains in the background!

I believe the theme for the T-Dance was something along the lines of "Enchantment Under the Sea". Don't ask me why there's a shirtless bagpipe player or half-naked contortionists on stage in the second photo. Just enjoy the view!

Aside from the constant dance music pumping throughout the entire house, we were also treated to some Greco-Roman wrestling from Kenny & Josh, and a fabulous pasta dinner from Ron. Yum, on both counts!

Three things that get me everytime: handclaps, heavy bass, and flag dancers!

After a busy few days, nothing could have made Me and Josh happier than a homemade grilled cheese sandwich, compliments of Ron. Such a good Mom!

The Ferris Wheel at the T-Dance inexplicably read "White Party The 20" on the center. Kat De Luna performed, and I'm convinced she arrived an hour before and had no clue where she was.

Lastly, no White Party pictorial would be complete without a shout-out to Great Grandma Lucy. She's related to the house's real owner (obvi), but I'm also convinced she haunted the house...and may have possessed me temporarily. I made a point of 'saluting' her every time I walked by her beautiful portrait.

Even days later now, I still have the thump thump thump of cracked out dance music pulsing through my head...and I love it! Many thanks and much love to everyone in the group for a truly phenomenal weekend. See you next year!

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