Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ooo de lally! Today is an event! A day to be remembered! You see, not only does this evening mark the 100th episode of one of my new TV favorites, LOST - it's also the 100th post here at Zip and a Kick! UPDATE! It's also President Barack Obama's 100th day in office!

Editor's Note: Generally I don't like to share the spotlight when it comes to attention, but I was willing to make an exception when I realized that these two special occasions would be coinciding.

For anyone who missed my constant status updates and inability to focus on much else, I watched seasons 1-4 and everything current in season 5 in roughly a month and a half. I'd heard all of the complaints, and I have to say: I think the show maintains its high level of quality throughout...when you don't have to wait weeks/months/years for a new episode. Watching them rapid fire, it all flows quite naturally. I'm officially a huge fan now!

As for the other '100' - I am very proud to say that Zip and a Kick! has made it this far. I've been writing online since before it was called 'blogging', but I never managed to stick with it regularly. City Oracle, ...And Then There's Blog!, Whistlin' Dixie - they all fell by the wayside within a matter of months. Now I'm overwhelmingly pleased to report that ZK!'s first birthday is coming up! You'll hear it again soon, but many thanks.

But right now? I'm ready to learn everything that Daniel Faraday knows about the island...

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