Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've been seeing a lot of billboards lately for this new movie called Obsessed. It's basically just a vehicle for Beyoncé to show how bad-ass she is, but I can't say that I'm entirely convinced...yet.

Obviously I haven't seen it, but one of the most interesting things about the poster is the oh-so-subtly implied racism. You've got Idris Elba (You make me angry on The Office!) and Sasha Fierce on one side, looking very concerned. Then you've got crazy bitch Ali Larter looking threatening on the other. Even the copy is all black vs. white!

After seeing the trailer as well, I would like to propose that the film's generic title be changed to something with a little more pizazz:


Don't make Ms. Knowles take off her House of Deréon dress and cut a bitch! Hell, she could even do it in a leotard, "Single Ladies"-style. Either way, my money is on Ali Larter lying beaten in a gutter somewhere. Let it begin!

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