Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For all the humanitarian work her character Edna Garrett did in her seven years on The Facts of Life - namely putting up with Tootie and Natalie - I have to wish a very happy 83rd birthday to the one and only Charlotte Rae!

Mrs. G ruled Eastland with an iron fist - despite having little to no actual authority in the school itself - but at heart was always there for her girls. Despite all the trouble they got into, what would Edna have done without The Rich Bitch, The Fat One, The Lesbian and The Black Girl? She would have been lost. Even though she left the show near the end so her character could join the Peace Corps (I'm guessing it was the only legitimate excuse she could come up with that the girls couldn't follow up on), she'll always be the only Housemother in my heart. Sorry, Cloris Leachman.

In honor of Ms. Rae's 80+ years in our world, I suggest you all pop in your Facts of Life DVDs and play the Edna Garrett drinking game. Take a drink every time she says one of the following quotes, or a variation on them:


"I don't want to get invoooooolved!"

You'll be smashed in less time than it would take you to watch the infamous Facts of Life bong sequence! You'll thank me later...even if your liver doesn't.

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