Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ooo de lally! Today is an event! A day to be remembered! You see, not only does this evening mark the 100th episode of one of my new TV favorites, LOST - it's also the 100th post here at Zip and a Kick! UPDATE! It's also President Barack Obama's 100th day in office!

Editor's Note: Generally I don't like to share the spotlight when it comes to attention, but I was willing to make an exception when I realized that these two special occasions would be coinciding.

For anyone who missed my constant status updates and inability to focus on much else, I watched seasons 1-4 and everything current in season 5 in roughly a month and a half. I'd heard all of the complaints, and I have to say: I think the show maintains its high level of quality throughout...when you don't have to wait weeks/months/years for a new episode. Watching them rapid fire, it all flows quite naturally. I'm officially a huge fan now!

As for the other '100' - I am very proud to say that Zip and a Kick! has made it this far. I've been writing online since before it was called 'blogging', but I never managed to stick with it regularly. City Oracle, ...And Then There's Blog!, Whistlin' Dixie - they all fell by the wayside within a matter of months. Now I'm overwhelmingly pleased to report that ZK!'s first birthday is coming up! You'll hear it again soon, but many thanks.

But right now? I'm ready to learn everything that Daniel Faraday knows about the island...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For all the humanitarian work her character Edna Garrett did in her seven years on The Facts of Life - namely putting up with Tootie and Natalie - I have to wish a very happy 83rd birthday to the one and only Charlotte Rae!

Mrs. G ruled Eastland with an iron fist - despite having little to no actual authority in the school itself - but at heart was always there for her girls. Despite all the trouble they got into, what would Edna have done without The Rich Bitch, The Fat One, The Lesbian and The Black Girl? She would have been lost. Even though she left the show near the end so her character could join the Peace Corps (I'm guessing it was the only legitimate excuse she could come up with that the girls couldn't follow up on), she'll always be the only Housemother in my heart. Sorry, Cloris Leachman.

In honor of Ms. Rae's 80+ years in our world, I suggest you all pop in your Facts of Life DVDs and play the Edna Garrett drinking game. Take a drink every time she says one of the following quotes, or a variation on them:


"I don't want to get invoooooolved!"

You'll be smashed in less time than it would take you to watch the infamous Facts of Life bong sequence! You'll thank me later...even if your liver doesn't.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've been seeing a lot of billboards lately for this new movie called Obsessed. It's basically just a vehicle for Beyoncé to show how bad-ass she is, but I can't say that I'm entirely convinced...yet.

Obviously I haven't seen it, but one of the most interesting things about the poster is the oh-so-subtly implied racism. You've got Idris Elba (You make me angry on The Office!) and Sasha Fierce on one side, looking very concerned. Then you've got crazy bitch Ali Larter looking threatening on the other. Even the copy is all black vs. white!

After seeing the trailer as well, I would like to propose that the film's generic title be changed to something with a little more pizazz:


Don't make Ms. Knowles take off her House of Deréon dress and cut a bitch! Hell, she could even do it in a leotard, "Single Ladies"-style. Either way, my money is on Ali Larter lying beaten in a gutter somewhere. Let it begin!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just to get it out of the way right now - White Party was a BLAST. Having the house stay at made all the difference in the world, and it definitely helped to have a pool and jacuzzi as well. Most afternoons were spent laying out, tanning and ready ourselves for the rest of the day/evening. The parties themselves were crazy fun and out of control - better than I ever could have even imagined! This photo recap focus mostly on the goings on at the house, because we were honestly too busy at the parties to even think about taking photos. Time. Of. My. Life.

Eric, Dustin (looking wheelchair-bound) and Me. Eric, Kenny and Me cracking up at something that was no doubt hilarious!

Parker, Kenny, Eric, Josh, Me, and Dustin - the best costumes for the day! The Saturday Pool Party was packed with tons of people...not swimming.

The Saturday Pool Party (DJ'd by the one and only Perry Twins) also featured some exotic wildlife. A diva is a female version of hustla!

Ah, poolside with Me, Josh, Jesse and Kenny. Thanks to the beautiful Palm Springs weather - and Hawaiian Tropic - we were all able to get a wonderful tan!

Me, fetching more beers and using one of our GayMartUSA bags as a carrier. Mother (Ron) is always watching!

The actual White Party on Saturday night, at the Palm Springs Convention Center. No gay event would be complete without scantily clad aerial performers. And Lady GaGa put on QUITE the show, tailor-made exclusively for her homos!

Sunday T-Dance at White Party Park. I was too drunk to ride the rides, but just drunk enough to imagine for a moment that I was on the Lost island, thanks to the gorgeous mountains in the background!

I believe the theme for the T-Dance was something along the lines of "Enchantment Under the Sea". Don't ask me why there's a shirtless bagpipe player or half-naked contortionists on stage in the second photo. Just enjoy the view!

Aside from the constant dance music pumping throughout the entire house, we were also treated to some Greco-Roman wrestling from Kenny & Josh, and a fabulous pasta dinner from Ron. Yum, on both counts!

Three things that get me everytime: handclaps, heavy bass, and flag dancers!

After a busy few days, nothing could have made Me and Josh happier than a homemade grilled cheese sandwich, compliments of Ron. Such a good Mom!

The Ferris Wheel at the T-Dance inexplicably read "White Party The 20" on the center. Kat De Luna performed, and I'm convinced she arrived an hour before and had no clue where she was.

Lastly, no White Party pictorial would be complete without a shout-out to Great Grandma Lucy. She's related to the house's real owner (obvi), but I'm also convinced she haunted the house...and may have possessed me temporarily. I made a point of 'saluting' her every time I walked by her beautiful portrait.

Even days later now, I still have the thump thump thump of cracked out dance music pulsing through my head...and I love it! Many thanks and much love to everyone in the group for a truly phenomenal weekend. See you next year!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It has been a couple of weeks since the series finale of Battlestar Galactica, and I think I'm ready to talk about it now. I've watched it 4 times, and with each viewing I have stronger and stronger opinions. But I will state this, right off the bat: I was 100% satisfied by the finale. I am left with no burning questions, and I'm certainly not complaining. It's very difficult to give a buzzworthy series a proper send-off, and even more difficult when said series is leaving at the top of its game. Ronald D. Moore & Company deserve tremendous and eternal amounts of praise for this, above all.

A lot of people have had very mixed reactions regarding the 2-hour final episode, and this honestly surprised me a great deal. I went in with complete faith that there was no way it could be screwed up, and I left without feeling disappointed. I'm in no way trying to "call out" people who disagree with me, but I feel that there are some "arguments" that need to be intelligently addressed...and here seems as good a place as any.
Storylines were concluded in very natural, organic ways. Was there room for speculation? Of course. Was it all-consuming speculation? No way. More like 'interpretive speculation'. And from all that I've read since the finale aired, this is exactly how RDM wanted it.

Ambiguity isn't always the enemy, folks. True, it was the last episode ever. But to suggest that we need the show-runners to hold our hands and explain to us exactly what's me, that feels as though we're selling ourselves short, intellectually speaking. If that's what you're looking for, I recommend that you watch the series finale of Friends. There you go. They all lived happily ever after with marriages and babies and sunshine and rainbows. And although BSG actually ended on a much more upbeat note than the 74 episodes that came before it, it's always been a show with high stakes and morally grey outcomes.

"Daybreak, Part 2" is action-packed for the first hour and a half, and a lot of it had to do with the Cylon-On-Cylon Action. These were the moments that had me slowly squirming in excitement. Operation: Hera is well underway, and this means jumping to the edge of the black hole, jamming the Galactica literally into the Cylon Colony, and boarding with an assault team. Completely worth noting? The aforementioned assualt team includes now-good-guy Centurions who are designated with a red stripe across their robo-torsos. Something about seeing these Centurions fight alongside - and protecting - the Colonials made their alliance seem much more real to me. These aren't the SkinJobs, these are the ChromeJobs. My love for these guys knows no bounds. And then they go and make it even more awesome by having the modern Centurions engage in hand to hand / gun to gun combat with the retro Guardian Centurions.
I swear I almost had a stroke.

Ah, Kara Thrace and her Special Destiny. I was surprised to find so much outcry over the conclusion of Starbuck's story. Ronald D. Moore has stated that Kara is not the same kind of 'angel' that Head Six/Gaius are, but that she was connected to "...this other power". She did die, and she did come back. She was the harbinger of death...for the Cylons on the Colony. She did lead the human race to their end...only in this instance the "end" was the end of their journey, not death. The Hybrids even make this distinction between her two 'roles'. For all intents and purposes, she committed suicide in Season 3's "Maelstrom" - but the universe wasn't done with her yet. She had a more important purpose that even she didn't understand...until the very end. In her last moments on (2nd) Earth, she's talking to Lee about the future...but you can almost tell that she seems to know her time is up. I was heartbroken for Lee - who didn't even get to say goodbye - but I felt very much at peace following her departure. She wished she could stay, but knew that she couldn't. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace fulfilled her destiny.

Remember when we thought Red Dress Six was a chip in Baltar's head? Oh, the early days. It All Comes To A 'Head' in the finale. HeadSix and HeadGaius at long last give some answers to their corporeal counterparts - just not all the answers. Along with the Opera House dreams, it was always about ensuring the survival of Hera. Some argue that this one purpose over-simplifies these two 'entities', but chalk it up to "God works in mysterious ways". And you know what else it did? It brought Caprica Six and Gaius Baltar back together. From their beginnings glimpsed in flashbacks to their tumultuous relationship throughout the series, it would seem that these two star-crossed lovers were meant to be together at the end of humanity's journey. And before they could ask any more questions of their 'angels' or even say goodbye...they were gone. These beings, who had pulled the strings of the universe through two seemingly randomly chosen individuals, had completed their task as well.

And what becomes of the grown-up love between The Officer & The Schoolteacher? I think they handled it very well. Throughout the last 10 episodes, everyone was basically just waiting for Madame Airlock to keel over and die - even if they weren't looking forward to it. But she made it all the way to the last hour, and went out not with a bang, but with some quiet dignity. Bill's love has always been understated, but never NOT genuine. They shared what would become a different kind of 'twilight years', and when Adama slips his ring on Laura's finger...well, it's waterworks for me everytime. And even though it's never shown - I know in my heart of hearts that Bill definitely built that cabin for his lost love. Did he have to leave everyone else he cared about to do so? Probably not. But we're talking about one very complicated man, here. I'll forgive it.

As I wrap up, I'd like to give two shout-outs. Firstly, to my Cylon Husband Doral - you acted like a total prick the whole time, and you always looked damn good while you were doing it. Thanks RDM & Company for giving the Number Fives something fun to do in the end, even if it was just getting shot at a lot. Secondly, thanks to whoever it was that decided that Tory Foster had to get killed in the most violent way possible. I owe you one, universe.

I intentionally didn't really make mention of the "150,000 Years Later..." epilogue, which you may find strange considering all of the controversy surrounding it in the nerdverse. To me, it wasn't that big a deal. It was interesting, it was minor, and it didn't really add or take away anything for me. There are more theories and arguments about this one part than almost anything I'll spare you my in-depth thoughts (this time).
And now, I guess that' Well, The Plan is coming in November. So that's something. But until then (and after that), I am BSG-less. I'll give Caprica a try, but I'm not looking for a replacement. Nothing will ever replace this show in my heart. My utmost appreciation to everyone involved. Thanks for proving to me that I could get hooked on a television show again. Until we meet again...So Say We All.