Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Confession time: I'm one of those horrible, horrible nerds that hasn't read the original Watchmen graphic novel. That's right..."the most celebrated graphic novel of all time" has managed to escape my eyes, despite the fact that it currently resides in my apartment (Rob bought and read it, because he's better than me). At first I wasn't sure how I felt about all the mania surrounding the film - and then I saw the first trailer. Whoa. From that moment on, I was on board.

Much closer to the opening of the film, there are opinions seemingly everywhere. The Hollywood Reporter basically eviscerated it. Not having seen it or even read the source material, I still thought their review was way harsh. Then the nerdy voices descended and for the most part they really liked it.

And since there's no shortage of candor in the entertainment industry, even one of the film's stars is getting in on the action. And I assure you, "action" is a word perfectly chosen in this case. Behold, blunt honesty from one Matthew "Ozymandias" Goode:

"If fanboys still hate the film after going and seeing it, they can all line up and suck my dick. I don't give a fuck. I'm having a child and that's more important to me - so I don't give a fuck. Grow a dick."

Wow. I guess that means he really believes in the project? I'm going to see it at the Cinerama Dome on Sunday, so I'll judge for myself. But if it's horrid (though I'm expecting quite the opposite), the first thing I'll be doing is looking for Matthew Goode's queue. So to speak.

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