Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Usually when I hear about celebrities running around West Hollywood, it makes me smile. Kiefer Sutherland getting a DUI outside of Area? Aww, fun! David Beckham flying solo at Villa? YES PLEASE. Lindsay Lohan and her boyfriend Sam Ronson at Apple? I hope they didn't make a mess. But this is one sighting that gave me a momentary fright pause...Pig-In-Search-of-a-Luau Perez Hilton reports that today Faye Dunaway was seen wandering around the city I call home. Mommie effing Dearest! DEFCON 4, people!

It's true. The centuries-old actress whose recent credits include an episode of Grey's Anatomy and My Feud with Hillary Duff: Some Bitch 46 Years My Junior was presumably shopping around all the fantastic...umm...furniture showrooms? FroYo establishments? Perhaps she was returning library books? Oh wait...she must have been drinking somewhere. I mean, it was the middle of the afternoon. Maybe she decided to pick up Elizabeth Taylor (and her regal wheelchair!) to hang out at The Abbey? Actually, strike that. Whenever Liz is in town the papps swarm her like she was made of gold. This had to have been a solo trip for Fearsome Faye.

Bottom line is this: I will always love Faye Dunaway because of Mommie Dearest. I will also always fear Faye Dunaway because of Mommie Dearest. So no - I'm not entirely comfortable with her galavanting around so close to my home. And a little side message to Shonda Rhimes? I would never, EVER let Dr. Dunaway perform an examination - let alone a surgery! - on me. By the time she finished Ajax-ing the operating room clean, I'd be dead. Get on back to the BevNiner, Faye!

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Rob said...

Did I tell you that I was walking to work on Sunday and saw Jane Lynch and some other woman walking a dog on Orlando? It brought some amazing Best in Show memories to mind.