Sunday, February 1, 2009


Touchdowns! End zones! Half-time! Tackling! There you have it: all I know about football, really. Nevertheless, the Super Bowl only comes but once a year. Here in West Hollywood, even the most unofficial "holidays" are reason enough to celebrate. Since I started early by getting slightly obliterated on both Friday and Saturday night, I decided that today I would burn off the booze and work on my fitness. And what an afternoon at the gym it was!

It was while at Crunch - armed with my iPod / friend Charmaine - that I came up with a quick 2-tiered exercise / healthy eating program that not only kept me motivated, but also distracted me from the woman in her late 50s who was literally bending over backwards across one of those giant fitness balls. Not a pretty sight...and yes, I was jealous. It's The Super Bowl High School Musical Workout Diet©! Don't worry, it's easier than it sounds!

It's 100% cardio, and it's all on the treadmill (but could also be adapted for elliptical, if you prefer). Select a slower speed with little or no incline to start, and increase both with every song:

What Time Is It (HSM2)
Now Or Never (HSM3:SY)
Get'cha Head In The Game (HSM)
We're All In This Together (HSM)
All For One (HSM2)
High School Musical (HSM3:SY)

Once you've gotten through all the songs, you'll have completed 22.2 minutes on the treadmill! Don't forget to cool down before dismounting. I recommend a good steam post-workout and pre-shower to relax the muscles.

After leaving the gym feeling refreshed and energized, I popped down to Starbucks for an iced black tea and headed home to prepare myself a healthy meal. In less than 20 minutes I was enjoying a delicious Kung Pao Chicken Stir Fry from Trader Joe's. I only used half of the Kung Pao sauce to cut the calories, which had the pleasant side effect of not overpowering the flavor of the vegetables.

So there you have it - The Super Bowl High School Musical Workout Diet©! As a sidenote,
I think it's criminal that Disney chose to cut the Zac-Efron-showering scene from High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Seems like bad business to me. Anyhoo, I hope this lays to rest any ideas you may have had about me being sane. Happy Super Bowl everyone! Go team!

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athan said...

I'm disappointed you didn't use Bet On It or I Don't Dance from HSM2. I haven't seen HSM3 so I can't comment on those songs/possible omissions.