Wednesday, November 5, 2008


There's a storm coming.

So Prop 8 has (technically) officially passed, meaning that there will now be a amendment written into the California constitution banning gay marriage. This also means that it will retroactively wipe away all the same-sex marriages that have been performed since it was legalized.

I'm not even going to get into how awful this is and how disappointed I am in such a large segment of the CA population. Instead, I'm taking action:

*************SPECIAL BULLETIN*************

Proposition 8 Protest Rally & Street Closures
Wednesday, November 5th

As deeply disappointed as we all are that California voters passed Proposition 8, we must not allow that disappointment to linger. This vote is a temporary defeat in the long march toward equal rights for all citizens in America.

Please join me for a protest rally tonight at 7 pm on San Vicente Blvd between West Hollywood Park and the Pacific Design Center (647 N. San Vicente Blvd. West Hollywood CA 90069) as we move forward towards restoring equality for all in California.

San Vicente Blvd, between Santa Monica Blvd and Melrose Avenue will be closed tonight starting at 6 pm. San Vicente south-bound traffic will be directed to make left or right at Santa Monica Blvd. Signs have already been posted to help divert traffic.

The time for passivity is gone. I am ready to fight. What happened last night is going to create an entirely new subset of the population (gay and straight) that - some for the first time in their lives - are going to stand up, protest, and rally. They are going to voice their anger, outrage and demand for equal rights. Something has literally been taken away from me, as well as countless others. So from this moment on, I join the "New Activists" as well as those that have been fighting for my rights for years now.

To the Mormons, the Repubs, and anyone else who supported this proposition based solely on and encouraging hate...well, I hope you're ready for the fight of your lives. We're not going away, we're not giving up, and we're not backing down. The civility of lawn signs and phone banks is over.

Welcome to the new frontier of civil rights.

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