Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Living in West Hollywood for as long as I have, I'm used to seeing certain things that others might regard as strange. One of my favorite obscure ones dates back to my humble LA beginnings of working the desk at a tanning salon in the middle of WeHo. Being the only full-time employee, I was able to get to know almost all of the clients. Every now and then - while flipping through the classifieds in the back of Frontiers or walking past bars with certain "reputations" - I would see clients in a completely new light. The truth was, all I really knew about them was how long to put them in the UVA toaster for. It always fascinated me to see what kind of much different lives they real life.

I had this experience today, only in reverse. I was clicking through my usual blogs when I came across a post from, a newer subscription of mine that quickly won me over with daily photo sets of hot, underwear-clad men. What I saw today was the beginning of a new "advice" column called "Ask Aaron". The idea was that a buff personal trainer would respond to letters (e-mails, I would imagine) about fitness/health for readers. I was a little taken aback to see that I recognized the trainer in question...but certainly not from exercise (in the traditional sense, anyway).

You see, I recognized "Aaron" as "Ajay" - a once staple on I have nothing to hide: It's porn. I suppose you would call it amateur-style, but the production quality has increased over the past year. Anyway, I laughed at first. I mean, come on - it's pretty funny. I'm used to laughing about the super nice guy's secret life as an escort, or the piano teacher who's also a member of the Falcon Video family. But today I laughed out loud at my desk, because I had just "caught" one of Sean Cody's favorite guys doling out fitness advice and hawking his personal training business. Because once you've seen him like this (use your imagination if you're wondering what I cropped):

It's difficult to take him 100% seriously when you look at the banner on his website,

But truthfully? More power to him. He probably invested all of his video money to start up his business. And it's not everyday you can tell people that aside from hard work and dedication, your company was built on the nickname "cum-gutters".


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Haha. I'm not sure if I would have recognized him off the bat, but now that you've pointed out where he's from, I totally remember him from Sean Cody. Hilarious.