Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I took the day off from work today to recover from Comic-Con, and decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on my Battlestar Galactica. Before I started watching this show, I wanted to hate it...I really did. I wanted to think it was awful, if only because everyone in the universe had gone on record saying how brilliant and incredible it was. Naturally, after watching the miniseries, I was hooked. So after falling behind on my viewing for a while, I just finished watching 5 straight episodes. It's just plain amazing.

There are many, many reasons that I love Battlestar Galactica. Artistically, philosophically, dramatically - it holds its weight against any ridiculous one-hour drama on network television. So now that you know that I'm a legitimate fan, I don't feel so bad about completely exploiting four of my favorite (albeit shallow) things about this show:

#1 - Apollo (Jamie Bamber)
Despite being billed by Robert as "the biggest power bottom on television" - what Apollo may lack in brute force, he sure does make up for with that face and body. So he's a little whiny...no big deal. He doesn't need to talk as long as he's a) wearing a towel, b) in the sleeveless uniform, or c) changing from the towel to the sleeveless uniform.

#2 - Anders (Michael Trucco)
I just finished season 2.0, so he hasn't become super important yet. But as Mary Poppins says, sometimes "a taste is as good as a feast". Those arms! Lords of Kobol, those arms. I didn't even mind that I last saw him frakking Stardyke (who's becoming quite the village bicycle, btw)...Even Sci-Fi Channel knows when shirtlessness isn't just recommended, but required.

#3 - Helo (Tahmoh Penikett)
Fine. So he knocked up an Asian-shaped Cylon. We all make mistakes. Square-jawed Helo may be a little generic in the looks department, but I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed. I'm glad to have him back on Galactica, especially after watching him stranded on Cylon-occupied Caprica for so long (aka the story arc that wouldn't die). I may be a little sick of hearing him bitch and moan about Robo-Asian and their freak baby, but see #1 above...he doesn't have to speak.

#4 - Six (Tricia Helfer)
Obviously I wouldn't actually want to do penis-in-vagina with her, but come on. She snapped a baby's neck in the first 20 minutes of the miniseries and mindfucks Gaius like it's her frakking job (which it kinda is). When you're that maniacal and can pull off those dresses...well, I'd probably help eradicate the human race, too.

So there you have it. My entirely-based-on-looks review of Battlestar Galactica. I'll be starting season 2.5 tomorrow, and I'm really excited. Until next time...good hunting!

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